Tranferring pictures

I need the pictures from my old inactive Moto G 1st gen on either my computer or on my new Moto G 4th gen. My computers don’t recognize my old Moto G at all. What should I do?

When you connect the moto G to your computer…it initially connects for charging…you can change this mode by pulling

down the notification shade (one finger slide down) and then change the “USB for Charging” to “USB for file transfer (MTP)”

This will allow you to browse the folders on your phone and copy the pictures as required.

Another option is to use the Google Photos app, sync your photos up from the old Moto G…and then sync again from the Moto G4 to get them over there.

Like @amitl wrote, you photos might already be here:

Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find

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