Transfer a current republic number to a new republic phone

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I have a quick question. I have a republic phone that is getting bad, and I’m in the process of buying a new phone from republic wireless. Can I transfer my current number to my new phone? If I put my number in the number transfer checker, it says I cannot transfer it.

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The number checker is used only for numbers from other carriers. It is ALWAYS possible to move a number from one Republic phone to another, you’ll do that during the activation process of the new phone.

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I have a related question about transferring my current Republic number to a new Republic phone. My old phone (now dead) was on the 1.0 plan. When I activate my new phone (it should be arriving today) does it automatically shift me to the 2.0 plan? Or do I need to do something specific to make that happen?

If you “new” phone is a used Legacy phone when you activate as a line replacement it will take over your current plan
If your new phone is a 3.0 phone then you will be ask which data tier of the My Choice plans you want when you activate as repalcement
(all 3.0 phones need a My choice plan)

If you want to move a legacy phone line on 1.0 plans to a 2.0 Republic Refund Plan one needs to request this via the Republic app and it will take effect on ones billing date

Thanks so much. I misspoke (mis-typed) when I said a 2.0 plan. I believe it will be a My Choice plan since the new phone is a Mote-e4 plus (am I right?). I’m glad that it will ask me about which My Choice plan I want when I activate it, since the old phone won’t start anymore and I just entered my new billing cycle (I wouldn’t want to wait a month to be able to use the new phone).

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You are correct. You will choose which flavor of My Choice you want during activation.

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