Transfer a number to defy xt

I would like to purchase a new 4th gen Moto g and transfer my current # to new phone and then transfer my wife’s number from her defy XT to my current 2nd gen Moto. First, is thst possible? And 2nd would it be possible to transfer # that comes with new 4th gen Moto g to y old defy XT?

Thank you!

once the Defy is deactivated it can never be activated again so here how I would handle this

first activate the Moto G4 as a replacement for your 2nd Gen Moto (this will but you number on the New Phone)

then reactivate the 2 Gen Moto as a New Line (this will give it a new number)

then create a help ticket to swap the numbers between you the 2nd Gen Moto and your wife’s Defy (this will put your wife line your 2nd Gen Moto and the new number on the Defy )

Hi @nikolausk

I have to say I am impressed that a Defy XT is still operating!, (my first smartphone) .

1). Yes. transferring from the RW Moto 2nd Gen. to the 4th Gen. is likely routine.

2). Yes. this should not be a problem, but RW support is quite competent if required.

You should note that both users plans will change. The Defy Plan? will have to move to 2.0 (your current plan?), and the 2.0 phone line will move to the 3.0 plan.

I hope that makes sense but, the bottom line is Yes, it is not that uncommon.

I would suggest using this thread to help walk you through the process if needed, and ask your fellow community members(us) for advise if uncertain.

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