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I replaced my Moto G1 with a Moto G5. The process of activating a new phone allowed me to either transfer all apps from my old phone to the new phone or activate as a new customer. I could not figure out how to transfer so I activated as a new customer. Now that my new phone is working, is there a way to transfer my apps from the old to the new, or do I have reinstall all of my apps?


Hi @michaele.xwolfu,

You should be able to move apps from old to new phone using a phone copier app. Motorola suggests one of the following:

If it were me I’d just reinstall from Google’s play store. I find doing so when upgrading a phone to be useful pruning of apps no longer required.


Hi @michaele.xwolfu

Your old phone will still login to Gmail account on WiFi. Just login to that account and sync it to your Google account. Once you sync Gmail on the new phone, it should automatically repopulate your Apps, Settings, Contacts, Photo’s, etc.

Let us know if you would like more clarification on the process.

Edit: as @rolandh suggested, sometimes a fresh phone is a great opportunity to do some android housekeeping. :grinning:


Thanks rolandh. Reinstalling is probably the best idea



Thanks for the response, I’ll take your and rolanh’s advice and
reinstall all apps.

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