Transfer an active sim card into an inactive motox (both 1st gen)


I have two identical republic moto x 1st gen. The one still in use (original plan 1.0?) is dying due to baby slobber corroding the charge/data port What are the drawbacks to switching the active sim card into the unused 1st gen moto x. what will I lose? Will it reactivate and ask if this is a new device?


It is not possible to move the SIM card. If the phone you want to move to has a SIM card (it should) you’ll leave that there. Instead, just power on the replacement phone, follow the activation steps, and select “replacement” when asked which will move both your number and plan to that phone.


the Legacy Phones are CDMA and therfore the SIMs are linked to the phone and not your account and they should not be removed from the phone they came with.

if the unused Moto X is the Republic version just power it up and activate as a line replacement as @louisdi suggests


Oh wow. Thanks. I was making things too complicated!


Thanks so much.


If some brilliant previous owner removed the Sim card RW will send you a free replacement. Open a Help Ticket. And congratulations on keeping your 1.0 service plan.


Thanks everyone. I simply wiped the extra phone I quit using last year and activated under the “new” account. I was receiving texts within a hour. It appears I only lost some pics I took since my last manual back up. I was unable to transfer apps from the old phone using the “back to back” (NFC?) method as the old phone was completely dead and will not charge. Thanks again to those on the Republic forum!


Old Apps? Go to Google Play, sign in, select My Apps and then select any you want. They are all there and will indicate as “Installed”. But you already know that isn’t right. Ignore that, hit the “Install” button and you will quickly have the ones you use back on the new phone.


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