Transfer apps and problem with text messages

I just activated my new Moto e5 play. My apps from my moto e4 didn’t transfer. I tried APK Extractor and Cloneit and neither worked (I turned the Bluetooth on for both phones, but they couldn’t find each other, or something?). They were all third party apps, so I’m resigned to just re-install all of those. However, I just received a text message on my old phone that didn’t show up on my new phone. What’s up with that?

Sounds like some unrelated things. First, moving apps is usually easiest just simply downloading them from the Play Store. In my experience very few of the apps that try to transfer apps work well.

As far as the text, if you open the Republic App on the new phone, and swipe to the left, do you see the phone number that you expect to see there?

It is the correct phone number.

What app did the text show up in on the old phone? Once the number is transferred from one phone to another the texts shouldn’t show up at all on the old device (unless you’re using Republic Anywhere).

In the old phone, the text showed up in Messages, which is the same app that was pre-loaded in the new phone.

Is there something I need to do with my old phone?

What do you see when you open the Republic App on the old phone?

When I open that app, it says “Get Activated Now”

OK, then likely that text came in when the activation on the new phone was still occurring. Can you ask someone to test with you by sending you another text and seeing where it comes in?

It came on the new phone!

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