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I am going to purchase a new Moto G Power to replace my current Moto G5 Plus. Can I transfer my current apps (and settings) automatically, and is the process difficult?

Hi @leep.ncy62c,

I wouldn’t call the process automatic, however, it’s not particularly difficult. After powering the new phone on; then connecting it to WiFi, it’s a matter of following on screen prompts faithfully. The key is to be certain to use the same Google account that is being used on your Moto G5 Plus.

Should anything get left behind, there’s some excellent Community guidance linked here:

Will the new Moto G Power be purchased from Republic? Or, are you considering purchase from a third party retailer?


I am buying from a retailer which I did 2-3 years ago also.
I have already ordered a sim card from Republic, so I think it will work out OK.
Thanks for the info. I had forgotten what the procedure was the last time, but it should be pretty straightforward if I follow the prompts.


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