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I am about to sign on to Republic Wireless from another carrier, but am unsure how (if I can) transfer my contacts from old phone/carrier to a Republic phone. Can anyone advise me?

Hi @elspethi.w8lu8d,

Typically, this has more to do with the old phone rather than the service provider. May we know brand, model and, if applicable, generation of that phone? Is it Android, iOS, a flip phone?

I am replacing two phones: a Samsung Galaxy 5 and a flip phone Kyocera (with bluetooth)

Hi @elspethi.w8lu8d,

The Galaxy S5 should be a fairly straightforward matter of using the same Google (Gmail) account in use on the S5 on the new phone. Contacts synced from the S5 to that Google account should populate the new phone.

The Kyocera flip is a different matter. Perhaps, someone will have insight if we knew the model number? In my experience transferring contacts from a flip phone via Bluetooth can be as much miss as hit.

The Kyocera is a Kona; os is brewmp

Is your Kyocera Kona on Sprint? Maybe this Sprint guidance will help: Transfer contacts using Bluetooth - Kyocera KONA?

Thank you! I think that will do it. When I get the new phone, I’ll go through that tutorial.

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