Transfer data and settings from Moto X 1st gen to Moto G7

How do I transfer data and settings from a Moto X 1st gen to Moto G7 play? I’m looking for a program similar to Motorola Migrate.

Hi James, welcome to the community! There’s some good advice here: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone


Unrelated to your query…but your new Moto G7 works on GSM or Tmobile…so your coverage will be different from what you were used to on your Moto X1 which worked on CDMA or Sprint…just something to be aware of…in case you haven’t already looked into that aspect of your cellular coverage.

Note that the G7 is a CDMA capable phone and eventually will be able to be moved to CDMA or Sprint…but at this time RW is only able to offer GSM or Tmobile coverage for that phone.

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