Transfer data to new Samsung phone

My friend has an old Moto e with very limited storage capacity left.
He is trying to do a transfer to a new Samsung phone which he just bought from Republic.
Samsung has an app called “Smart Switch” to do the job, BUT it requires that the same app be installed on his old Moto e.
When trying to download the app from the Play Store he keeps getting a message that he doesn’t have enough storage space to accommodate the app.
We’ve tried clearing cache from as many apps as we can, but it still doesn’t free up enough room for the new app.
What can he do to be able to do the transfer?
PS: All the apps on the Moto e were preinstalled, so we are very hesitant to attempt to uninstall any of them.

Hi @leep.ncy62c,

If your friend’s Moto E is set to allow Google to back up the phone, then when the new phone is signed into the same Google account, it will offer to set up the phone from the existing backup.

Smart Switch is a nice feature, but is not necessary.

Here’s some more guidance on moving content from one phone to another:

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Thank you for your reply.
Both of us are senior citizens and are not very tech savvy.
So, we are apprehensive about this whole procedure.
We especially don’t want to lose my friend’s Contacts, Photos and Text Messages during the transfer.
The tip on how to do the transfer using his Google account was helpful, but the part about text messages was concerning since he doesn’t have enough storage room to download another program.

It looks like Samsung’s Smart Switch can accomplish the complete transfer, including text messages, so that should be the easiest way to proceed.
But, this brings me back to my original question: How can we free up enough space on his old Moto e phone (about 200mb) to then be able to download and install Samsung’s Smart Switch and then proceed to the transfer?

Hi @leep.ncy62c,

Whether it’s making room for Samsung’s Smart Switch app or the app mentioned in the Tip & Trick @southpaw mentioned for moving text messages is going to require removing apps and/or app updates from the Moto E. There’s another article in Tips & Tricks that can help with identifying candidates for removal:

Something else for your consideration is that, in my experience, using Smart Switch over WiFi with an older Republic phone such as the Moto E isn’t reliable. You probably would need to use the USB cable (it doubles as the charging cable) that came with the new Samsung but would also need something called an on the go adapter to connect the old Moto E to the new Samsung.

In the light of the correspondence with Southpaw and rolandh and the ongoing difficulty he is having attempting to transfer his Moto e phone contents to the new Samsung Galaxy A02S, my friend would like to return the Samsung phone and, in turn, purchase his First choice, the Moto g play.

Here’s the background: As his old Moto e was slowly dying, he searched Republic for a replacement that he could afford. Since both he and I have exclusively bought Moto phones as long as we have been with Republic (he for at least 5 years, and I for longer), he decided on the Moto g play.
There was one problem - the Moto g play was NOT available from Republic at the time (approximately a month ago).
He kept checking back, but each time it was still not available.

So, he opted for another phone - the Samsung Galaxy A02s that we are having so much trouble attempting the data transfer.
I would remind everyone that we are both senior citizens with low tech IQs, so we are very nervous about this Moto to Samsung transfer.

Therefore, we both agreed that his BEST course of action is to return the Samsung phone and, in turn purchase his First choice - the Moto g play. FYI, he purchased the Samsung less than a week ago.

Please advise how he can do this with the least expense and trouble. Does he have to pay the shipping charge to return the Samsung, and will he again be charged shipping for the Moto g play?
It seems sort of unfair to have to pay double shipping charges when he was unaware, at the time, of the difficulty in doing the transfer to the Samsung phone.

It is too bad that the Moto g play wasn’t available from Republic a month ago. He would have already purchased it and, since it would have been a Moto to Moto transfer, he would have been happily enjoying his new phone just as I did when I got my Moto g power less than a year ago.

One last thing. The reason I am corresponding in the Community, rather than him is because he forgot his Republic login and password.
I volunteered to do the corresponding to, at the beginning, learn how to accomplish the Moto to Samsung transfer. But now it has gone beyond that as I mentioned earlier.
So, please advise how to reference your answer here when he returns the Samsung and orders the Moto g play.
Thank you for enduring my somewhat long post.
We await your instructions.

Hi @leep.ncy62c,

There’s nothing particularly magical about moving content Moto-to-Moto, but if that was your friend’s first choice, then he’ll probably be happier with the Moto than the Samsung.

It is, indeed unfortunate that it was not in stock at the time he was searching. Our supplier delayed several of our purchase orders due to supply constraints. Our Community is always very happy to help our Members find compatible phones sold elsewhere.

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. It sounds like your friend is still within that 14-day period, as you’ve indicated he purchased the phone less than a week ago.

Has he activated the Samsung yet? If so, he’ll need to re-activate the old phone before beginning this process. That will cancel the new phone’s activation, to prepare it for the return.

Then he’ll want to factory reset the Samsung phone (to remove any personal information) and then follow the steps in this Help Article to initiate the return:

A prepaid return shipping label is provided as part of the Money Back Guarantee at no cost to your friend.

This process will require that he sign into the account using the same username and password that were used when the phone was purchased. If he is unable to access that account he will need to send an e-mail from the e-mail address associated with that account to so our Help Team can help him regain access to his account. They will also be able to assist with the return and can even help him by phone if he asks for help over the phone.

This conversation, although you are receiving it by e-mail and replying by e-mail, is taking place in our Member Community where you first asked the question, at Transfer data to new Samsung phone

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Thank you very, very much, southpaw, for guiding my friend and I through this process.
He was able to sign in to his Republic account (he had misplaced his login and password, but then found them), so he was able to start the process of returning the Samsung phone according to the instructions in the Help Center.
As soon as he ships it back he will order the Moto g play phone (his first choice, as I mentioned earlier).
Now, one final question (hopefully): Can you foresee any problem doing the transfer from his old, Moto e 2nd gen phone to the Moto g play?

Hi @leep.ncy62c,

It’s hard for me to answer whether I can foresee any trouble with the process, because the way I would do it would be the same way I would have done it for the Samsung phone, the way I described when I first replied to you.

Please make sure he orders his new phone by the end of the day on 11/15. We are closing the online store in preparation for some changes on 11/16 and it will be offline through at least the end of November.

If he needs help setting up the new phone, he might want to have help over the phone from our help team, but if he’s comfortable getting help online, our Community will be glad to assist.

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