Transfer existing RW phone to my son

I’m an existing RW customer with a Samsung J7. I just purchased myself a new phone (S21 Ultra 5G) from Amazon and am wanting to transfer my existing # to that phone and then add a new line for my son with my old phone (J7). I’m sure this is doable, but it’s not clear to me on how to go about that. Help?!

Hi @rocketdawg,

What you propose is indeed possible, however, you’ll need a new SIM (either for your phone or the J7 after moving its SIM to your new phone). With Republic’s store offline, you’ll need to open a ticket for the needed SIM.

In case you haven’t seen it, you might want to read this first:


Thanks @rolandh ! I figured the new SIM card was going to be a requirement, but wasn’t sure about that during this transition time for RW (I had seen the news). I had planned to wait for all the new changes to be announced before proceeding with this, but given it’s mid-December now and nothing has been announced I I figured I’d ask the question now. Was hoping to give the phone to my son for Christmas, but understand that may not happen given everything. Not a huge deal if it has to wait a bit longer, but also don’t want to just sit on it either. I’ll put in a ticket and will go from there. Thanks again for your help!

During this interim period, that is indeed the best path forward and no need to wait on it.

You’re most welcome!