Transfer files from Nexus 5X to Windows PC (10)


I’m unable to find the answer in your Help links. I have latest Android update (8.1) on my Lexus Nexus 5X (Republic Phone). I have high-end computers with Windows 10 on them.

I need to know how to transfer files/photos from the phone to the computer/s. Nothing opens up on the computer when I connect the phone via the USB cable. Would like to know how to get some phone files/photos moved to my computers.

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Hi @stephenb.h69lxg,

First, please be sure that the cable you are using to connect the phone to the Computer is a data cable. Some cables are for charging only.

Once the phone is connected to the computer by a data cable, look for a notification on the phone. You’ll have to let the phone know how you wish to use that connection to the computer.

Here are some instructions:

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