Transfer from Moto X to Google Pixel 4a

I think it is time to replace My Moto X (1st Gen). It is excruciatingly slow, some apps will not run due to outdated software, and call service (wifi and cell) is not very good. Will text messages, apps, contacts, and photos transfer to the Google Pixel 4a with the Google Backup option? The reason I ask is that the Moto X does not allow me to select what is being backed up. Backup is on but I can’t know for sure what is being backed up.


@jasonh.iij11f Welcome to the community! Many things will move automatically, the Pixel activation process is pretty good at that but for those things that don’t move there’s a great overview here on how to get them moved:

Thanks for the quick reply. That’s a good article but it mentions to “make sure that the back up options are set to “on” (the specific options you see may vary depending on what version of Android is on your old phone).” My dinosaur of a phone doesn’t give me the option to turn on or off specific things to include in the backup. I’ll just have to test it and use a third party app if everything doesn’t transfer. Thanks again - Jason.

Your text messages will not transfer through Google backup and restore on the Moto X (1st gen). That phone is too old to offer this feature, but there are third party backup apps that can do this for you. Most everything else should transfer, but there may be some apps that you’ll have to manually install. Here’s Republic Wireless’s help article on backup and restore:

Since I am using the Republic Anywhere app for text messaging, once I login on my new phone, will the old messages be on my new phone eliminating the need to use a third-party app for transferring messages?

With Republic Anywhere, messages from the previous 30 days will be synced to the new endpoint.

I have my new phone and as [cbwahlstrom] stated, the text messages and call history did not transfer from the old phone. I used SMS Backup and Restore to move those two items and it worked with only one problem. The text messages are not showing in the Republic Anywhere app. They show in the native Messages app but the Anywere app downloaded from the server (only 30 days as designed). Is there a way to have my message content older than 30 days appear in Anywhere when moving them as I have done?

My suggestion, don’t use Anywhere. It is no longer developed and as an Expert I run in to people nearly every day that have some sort of issue with it.

Well that is a bummer because I use the Anywhere app extensively for work as it is much easier to text from my computer with a full keyboard. Plus if my phone is off, I can still send/receive text messages via the Anywhere app which I don’t think is possible with Android Messages.

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Texting from computer is possible but the phone must be on and connected to the internet.

Well I use my wifi only tablet with republic anywere all the time with my phone off. Both to send and receive texts. If anywhere is finally terminated a valuable part of having republic goes away. Please keep it available.

For now, Republic has kept it available. At some point in the future I imagine they’ll have to decide between continuing development (to fix bugs) or making it unavailable.

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