Transfer Moto Z Play and Huawei Ascend to other Carrier

I have a couple of Huawei Ascends and a Moto Z Play that we purchased through Republic Wireless.

When the time comes to get rid of them, can they be used on other GSM carriers or are they forever locked to Republic Wireless?


They can be used on any GSM carrier that accepts them (which should be most all of them)

Hi @wayloncovil,

While I have no current plans to move service elsewhere, I do like to experiment. I have household phones on AT&T, T-Mobile and an active Three (UK service provider) SIM. I’ve swapped all three SIMs into my Moto X Pure, Samsung Galaxy J3 and Huawei Ascend 5W and they’ve worked flawlessly. I wouldn’t think the experience with a Moto Z Play would be any different. MVNOs using either AT&T’s or TMO’s networks should be fine as well.

Thanks cbwahlstrom and rolandh!

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