Transfer multiple phone numbers


I recently purchased a second republic wireless phones and i have a question about transfer multiple phone numbers.

Here is my scenario, I would like to transfer my 1st RW phone number to my new 2nd RW phone. I also have Vonage, which I would like to cancel, but first transfer that phone number to my 1st RW phone.

I’m assuming this is the order I should do the transfers, I just want to make sure this is the correct order. Thanks!


Activate your new phone - during the activation process login with the same RW credentials as your existing phone and that will give you the option to “Move your existing number” to your new phone. This will also deativate your old phone.

Reactivate your old phone as a new line of service with a new phone number.

Submit a number transfer request to transfer your Vonage number over to your newly reactivated old phone. Once the transfer is complete your old phone will take on your existing Vonage number and the new phone number will disappear.


Thanks amitl. Will reactivating my 1st RW as a new line of service then the transfer from Vonage count as two line transfers?

When I first bought my phone 6 months ago, I transfer my old cell number to my 1st RW phone. So I already have used 1 of 2 free transfer as noted here:

If this counts as a transfer, do you know the cost is after 2 transfers.

Could this be an alternative option? Would switching the phone sim cards between my 1st RW1 and 2nd RW 2phones do the same thing? They both are Moto Z Play phones. Then I would only have to do the Vonage transfer on the RW1 phone… Would this work?

Thanks again for your help!


upgrading a line is not considered a number transfer or change
the limit on transfers is by the line as you current line is on the new phone the old phone is a new line and gets the full number of transfer/changes


@drm186 is right about the upgrade not counting towards a number transfer.

However, I don’t fully understand the reason for the phone juggling.
If the 2nd phone is identical to the first phone…then why do you need to transfer the number over to the second phone.
Why can’t you simply activate the new phone as a new line of service…and then transfer your vonage number to it?


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