Transfer music from Moto G4 to PC

I would like to transfer files like music from my Moto G4 to a PC running windows 10 and eventually to an iphone. I can plug the phone into the PC through the USB connection. I see the phone on file explorer, but no music files appear in the music folder. I can see and move pictures, but not music files

Hi @troyh

Reading your question makes me think you are using a music service (and that you did not put the music files onto your phone via computer in the past). If so, you probably only have your musics cache files on your phone and not the actual movable files (that would be why you’re not seeing them in the music folder in Explorer).

If you indeed know-you-got files on there! :wink: Then I would look to see where your music player on the Moto G4 is getting its music from.

Hope that helps!

Hi @troyh,

Is there a particular reason you want to use the PC for a pit stop? Apple has an app for moving content from an Android to an iPhone:

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