Transfer my number to another service :(

I’v been using Republic for 2+ yeas and had no issues tell I wanted to transfer my number to AT&T and i’m really disappointed in there customer service; or lack of. I would recommend Republic to friends that where on a budget but i don’t think I will anymore. Why is it so difficult to transfer out??

Hi @timc.s4du1o!

Could you tell us what’s going on?

The info here may be of use:

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Hi @timc.s4du1o,

I’m sorry to read that you’re having so much trouble.

Your original ticket from Friday is awaiting your response, as is the newer ticket you opened yesterday. Are you having trouble accessing them to reply?


Porting ones Republic Wireless number out to ones new wireless service provider is fairly simple and straight forward to do so long as one talks to ones new wireless service provider’s porting specialist department;

now all I did was change my unique PIN identifier number which should be a four digit number and save it to make sure that it was saved to my account profile;

now I normally do this twice to make sure that it definitely is saved for sure without potential error; furthermore I do all of this while I am physically on line with a physical person from the new wireless service provider that I am going to be transferring over to;

moreover as soon as I physically change the assigned PIN changed password; I also subsequently tell the wireless service provider porting specialist to manually submit the porting request and also to monitor their computer for a couple of minutes to make sure that the manual porting request that was just submitted does not come back with a potential unintended error feedback;

now I actually had to do this when switching from RW over to the new Sprint Unlimited Kickstart $15 monthly plan that is expiring on Friday at midnight due to excessive market demand;

additionally the porting specialist reported back after about two or three minutes that the request looks like it went thru; now previously I had sent a porting request thru with the wrong PIN password unintentionally so I got back an internet mail that indicated that their was a problem with the porting request that was made; that was when I came up with the creative idea of assigning my PIN password twice and also saving it twice in my assigned profile RW account; I also later noticed that after a couple of minutes an internet mail was automatically sent to show that my account information status was updated twice also as well;

now I simply noted and recorded the actual turnaround time that it took to actually receive the confirmation internet mail transmission, to figure how long it took to verify that a physical change was made to the RW account and I used that number to tell my new wireless service provider porting specialist about how long to wait to confirm and verify that the porting request probably made it thru or not successfully;

so now the final time that I tried I saved my assigned PIN password twice and then told the porting specialist to wait for the indicated time to verify the porting request was actually sent and received this time without any error and then when I actually followed up by checking my internet mail this time I did not receive any internet mail transmission reporting back a porting request failure;

now about a day later my RW porting request actually went thru and my RW physically installed Sim chip on my Moto 5G plus both indicated and showed on my Moto 5G that my RW account was deactivated and that it needed to be activated in order to be able to be continue to be used;

finally all i had left to do is then simply physically install my already previously activated Sprint Sim Chip on my Moto 5G plus and it automatically simply re-activated my previously installed sim chip that was already activated on my smartphone with the necessary required information to allow it to work properly and normally;

now I can say that one should definitely request to speak with a physical person that deals specifically with porting requests(port specialist) as I have just explained in the fairly straight forward process as outlined above in order to potentially help with streamline ones porting request so that ones porting request is handled without any untimely delay due to unintended potential user error issues.

I don’t know how long that it takes normally port ones number on ones smartphone but for me doing it in the process that I have described and outlined above it took me only a day’s time which is the same stated time that the Sprint’s porting specialist said that it would take approximately; the porting specialist also said that all one has to do is monitor ones smartphone; after physically reinstalling ones RW Sim chip; for the actual deactivation message that would appear on ones smartphone screen when the porting request actually electronically went thru automatically deactivating ones smartphone;

then all that remains to be done at that point is simply re-install ones Sprint Sim chip in ones smart phone to allow it to complete loading and building out the necessary required information to properly configure and customize ones user profile on ones smartphone;

now all of this takes just a couple of minutes time and is a fairly straight forward matter to actually let it go ahead and do its thing; now when it is actually done one should end up at ones default android home screen on ones smartphone and everything should be all properly configured on ones smartphone and now ready to use.

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