Transfer number from Tracfone


How do I transfer my number that is currently with Tracfone to RW? I chatted with them and they said my account number was the last 15 digits of my sim card but said there is no pin number, RW wants a pin number.


Hi @johnw.oz1w2j,

You’re quite correct, TracFone does not use PINs. The reality is anything should work on Republic’s form because TracFone won’t validate it. In the past, Republic has suggested 1111 as a placeholder. Welcome!


On the other hand, there is this Republic Support Note: "Invalid Pin/Passcode" Exception Message from TracFone – Republic Help. My understanding remains that TracFone does not use a PIN, however, using the last four digits of your phone number should work equally well as my previous suggestion of 1111.


Thanks. Worked, I’m all set. Glad to be back in the RW family.


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