Transfer Number & Phone

I have a current Republic phone (Moto G3). We are thinking about getting rid of our home phone. I want a new phone.

Here is my question. I hope this doesn’t get too confusing… Could I, get a new phone, transfer my current number to the new phone. Then, transfer my current home number to my current Moto G3? Does that make sense? I am thinking about the Moto G4 Play (I think that is what it’s called - sold on Amazon)

This would be the best way to do it. We don’t want to get rid of our house number so I don’t want to get a new number.

If this is possible, how would I do this?

First, make certain the home number is transferable. Number Transfer | Republic Wireless Next, make certain the new phone moto G4 Play is compatible with RW, then you can change/activate new phone with current number. Finally, open new account or use existing account, to add transferable/home number to moto G3.

If home number is not transferable, everything else is moot.

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