Transfer of content from older republic phone to new one


I have a dying Moto E1 and will receive a new Moto G5 Plus today, both Republic phones and will transfer my account from the old to the new phone. How do I transfer all my contacts, apps and photos? Since the Moto E1 isn’t working, can I still make this transfer?


Once you setup your Gmail account on the new phone, your contacts will transfer. If the Photos app is set to Sync automatically, then they will transfer. If Sync is not enabled, just enable it and stay connected to WiFi for a while. As for your apps, once you have setup your Gmail account, open the Play app and tap the 3 horizontal lines next to “Google Play” at the top-left, then tap “My apps & games” to download the apps you wish to reinstall.

Here are some RW search results for transferring apps and data to a new phone.


Hi @amyd.t9k1d4

This should help…

How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone


That’s what I was hoping to find in my search, but it didn’t show up.


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