Transfer of music


How do I transfer music to my phone and how do I use the tunes for ringtones?


I’m not sure what type of computer you have, but assuming you want to load music from a computer, check out these instructions.

Look at the section:
“Load music onto your device using a USB cable”

For ringtones, check this tutorial out.

Hope that helps.


In addition to what @Trey mentioned, I’ve used Google Play Music to get my mp3 library uploaded, then I create playlists for different things in Google Play Music - like Road Trip, Walking, etc. Once you have those, you can use the Google Play Music App on your phone download those lists, albums, songs, etc - and have it do so only on wifi, to an SD card - all sorts of options.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


There are apps available to make ringtones. I prefer to make my own. I use Audacity to customize my ringtones:

Once I customize my clip I transfer it to my phone either via USB or Dropbox. You can also use Drive or any file sharing app to transfer to your phone. (Drive is already on your phone.)

Another good app to use is Send Anywhere:

Next you need to get it into the correct folder on the phone. You’ll need to put it in Ringtones. If you want to use it for Notifications, for some phones you will need to put it in that folder too. You can choose the folder to transfer the ringtone using your computers’ file explorer.

If you use one of the file sharing apps you may first have to get it into the Download folder and transfer it from there using either a file managing app or Explorer which is built into Android 6 and 7.

You can also use any of these apps if you can’t find the native Explorer on your phone:

In the past I’ve used ES File Explorer, Astro, File Commander. They should all work.

Once the ringtone is in the proper folder you can now use it!


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