Transfer phone and number keeping the same plan


I have 2 phones with Republic wireless at original rate of $10 /line with unlimited talk/text/data where wifi is available.

I have one line with Verizon which I want to transfer it to Republic wireless on the first phone keeping the same telephone number.

I then want to order a new 3rd phone with Republic to transfer the first line from Republic to this new phone.

Is that possible keeping the 2 lines with Republic at the same rate of $10/line and additional third line with $15/line at your new rate.

Please advise .

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Hi @anilp.c4fzpm,

What you are trying to achieve is feasible. However, the steps to achieve it would be

  1. Get a third line of service from Republic first, activate it with a brand new phone number.

  2. Port your number from Verizon on to this new line of service…so that it will take on your phone

number from Verizon. See here for details of the number transfer process

Number Transfers

** Be sure to confirm that RW is able to transfer your number using the number checker tool.

  1. If this is not the final configuration of phone numbers and plans that you want, you can simply

submit a help ticket to swap phone numbers on the 3 phones on your account so that the correct

phone ends up with your preferred phone number.

As for item 1…be sure to review this document

Republic Wireless Coverage

If you intend to buy the new phone from RW then you will get CDMA or GSM coverage depending on what the coverage checker determines for your zip code. If you buy your phone from third party and just get the RW SIM card…then you will

get GSM coverage which will be different from your existing CDMA coverage on the other two lines.

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