Transfer Phone from Existing Account


Just purchased moto G play. I am currently using moto e first generation.

How do I transfer my number to the moto G. Can’t find a sim card.


Sim cards are available from Amazon and RW:…

Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

If you buy the phone from RW it comes with the SIM card installed.

When you activate the new phone you will log into your account and choose to replace the old phone. When you do that the number will transfer to the new phone and the old phone will be deactivated. It’s really quite simple. Just read and follow the screen prompts during the activation process.


That was so easy, thank you !


Great @janetg.jrktrz .

If you are going to give or sell the Moto G to someone else remove any screen protection (PIN, Etc) and then factory reset it. If you don’t remove the screen lock (if any) the next user won’t be able to get into the phone without your Gmail credentials.

I’m pleased this worked well for you.