Transfer phone # from one RW phone to another RW phone

Younger son (who has a Republic Wireless Moto G 1st Gen) is getting older brother’s Republic Wireless Moto G 3rd Gen phone.

Older son ported his number already to a new iPhone on Sprint Network.

How do I setup the Moto G 3rd Generation phone with younger son’s phone number?

Tried to use the RW app but did not see this as an option.



Hi @gregs.yfp2b9

Facrory reset the Moto G3 so he starts with a clean phone. During activation you will be presented with an option to activate the phone on an existing line of service.

Activate My Phone

(click to enlarge).

Reset the Moto G 3rd Gen phone, but neither of the screens above appeared during the activation process. Phone still showing old phone number.

Please help!


Hi again @gregs.yfp2b9

Do have the account holder’s credentials?, (RW). Only the account holder can login and make those type of changes to the service.

For clarity…

Activate My Phone and, My Account

Feel free to ask any and all questions or if you would like additional assistance.

Hi @gregs.yfp2b9 ,

Could you tell me how long ago the number was ported to the iPhone?

If the Moto G 3rd Gen whose phone number was ported away is still showing that phone number, it would suggest that the port is not yet entirely complete. It’s best to wait another day or so and let the process complete in full.

Yes, I have the account holders credentials (I am the “admin” and have both RW phones assigned to both sons).

The Moto G 3rd Gen phone number was ported Saturday night around 8PM. I just received noticed early this morning (3AM) that RW has cancelled that phone number and service. So the cancellation took just over a day to complete.

I plan to go back through the activiation, per instructions above, to see if I can get it to assign the existing RW phone number to the phone.

You should have no trouble now that the port has completely processed, but if you do have any further issue, let me know.

That was the ticket!

Appropriate screens were visible once I went back into the activation process.

Thanks for the help!


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