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Received a message that I could no longer take pictures because I had reached maximum capacity. I have read the help topics and tried swiping down to turn off charging so I could transfer but I don’t see that option. It is an installed device in Windows 10 when I plug it in the USB, but when I try to transfer files it says it is empty. I’m in a bit of a panic about this and I sure am looking forward to some help. Thank you in advance. Cheers, Robert



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If I am understanding correctly, you need to plug the phone into the USB on your Windows machine, then swipe down the Notification screen. It should say “USB for charging only. Touch for more options”.

You would choose MTP or PTP and then the files should be visible to the PC.

If this is not the case let us know and we will see if we can figure it out.



An alternative way to access your photos on your desktop would be to sync them from your phone using the Photos app and then go to

Google Photos

from your desktop and login with the same Google credentials and download it from over there.



Thank you amiti,

My problem wasn’t accessing them. It was that there was no more storage in my phone to take another picture.

All of my options removing them said the picture would also be removed from my Google photos as well. I had 5700 pics and I’m not saying every single one is needed but I take pics for a reason and throw away bad shots right away. The problem was solved by CoreyK telling me to swipe down from the notification bar (I didn’t know it was called that) and I had to wade through a long list of things I don’t care about (so I never do—that’s why it took a while to realize the USB switch even existed) all the way to the bottom to find the options for turning on USB for transferring files. From there it’s normal file transfer between devices. Ant the stay on my google photos so I can use the but my phone has free capacity to take more pics

I really appreciate all of your support efforts. I’d be lost—and doomed—without your kindness and competence!



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For future reference you may want to review this help page from Google

Free up space on your device



when i swipe down, there is no message re USB, nor a selection for MTP or PTP. Phone is Moto G4 play. (the play got added after a software change was downloaded)


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