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how do you transfer photos from a G4 to another device to print the pictures


I upload all photos to the Google Cloud via the Photo’s app (this can be set up to do this automatically on WiFi, then when I need them on another device I can download them from the cloud to local space (via new phone or computer)
once uploaded one can go here and find them (after logginh into thier google account

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If the end result is that you are going to print on a wifi-enabled printer (as opposed to taking them to a print shop), you might be able to install a driver on your phone and print directly to the printer.

As an example, I have an HP printer with wi-fi built-in. HP offers an app in the Google Play Store that, when installed, makes the printer visible in the photo app. I just select the picture I want to print, choose the ‘share’ icon and the HP printer is shown as a choice.

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If going to a print shop one can always get a micro SD card or a USB on the Go Flash Drive
some thing like Amazon: SanDisk Ultra 32GB Dual Drive m3.0 for Android Devices and Computers

another option for photo prints is to use the store apps of places that have a photo kiosk (drugstores like Walgreen’s and CVS) set up what photos you want printed and just order for pickup in about an hour (I do this for Holiday cards and gift items)

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I use Send Anywhere app, you can literally send a file, photo, video, document, etc to any device:

If you want to send your photos to your computer to print, use this link to receive the photos:

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