Transfer pics to my desktop computer

On my old phone (motoG) if I wanted to transfer a picture from my phone to my desktop computer, I would connect it to the micro usb cable to my desktop and a phone and an icon would appear on my computer. I would go to to the pictures folder and copy the image to my desktop. On my new phone huawei gr5, the phone icon appears but it doesn’t do anything with I double click on it. How do I copy pics to my desktop computer?

Hi @kevino.mxjpsz

With phone plugged into the computer via USB, try pulling down the notificaton shade and see if there is an option to switch to MTP.

My MXP is set to charge only via USB, I have to change it using this method to move files around between devices.

(google Huawei file transfer for published instructions)

Hi @kevino.mxjpsz,

@c1tobor has supplied the gist. This is what you should see when swiping down from the top of your Ascend’s screen:

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