Transfer plan from motoX to new moto e5 play?

currently, I have motoX and I just place an order for moto E5 play, can I transfer my plan over from the current moto X to moto E5 play?

What generation Moto X? What exactly does it say under Settings – About Phone – Model on the Moto X?

sorry but the phone screen is gone so can’t look at the setting. I probably can look at the back to see if I can find out anything.

How long have you had the phone?

Hi @bryan727

Presuming the phone is still active, what is said underneath the graphic representing it when signed into your Republic account here:

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yes, phone is still active.
Moto X (White) (1st Gen.)

Device ID: 99000293950898

Hi @bryan727,

Your number but not your plan would transfer from the Moto X1 to a Moto E5 Play. The E5 Play and all new Republic compatible phones use Republic’s My Choice plans. More regarding moving one’s number from old to new Republic phone is linked here: How to Activate a Replacement Phone – Republic Help.

Before pulling the trigger on any purchase, there’s coverage to consider. The coverage attached to an E5 Play will be different from that attached to your X1. Different doesn’t mean worse. For most the alternative coverage is equivalent. For some, like me, it’s better. For a few, it’s not as good.

Let’s be certain you’d wouldn’t fall in the not as good camp. If you’re comfortable sharing, may we know the zip code where the phone is primarily used? With that, we’ll be able to provide further insight.

these are the areas that I would use the phone the most, 90623, 91732, 92805

Is it possible to cancel the order of the phone until I figure all this out?

also, would I have to pay more for the same plan?

Candidly, this depends upon your current plan. Back at; what is said for your X1’s plan? Please quote the words under My Plan.

Coverage attached to the E5 Play in and around the three zip codes you mention is robust according to my reading of the map. If so inclined, you may see for yourself here: Coverage Map – Republic Wireless.

I’m afraid not, however, it’s entirely possible to return the phone within 14 days should that be your decision. Republic details its 14-day money back guarantee here: Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help.

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My Plan

“Republic Refund 0GB”

Hi @bryan727,

In that case, Republic’s My Choice plan does mean a price increase of $5 per month.

Your alternatives with Republic are repairing your current X1 or sourcing another previously used Republic legacy phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2). The newest of these was last manufactured in 2015 and are increasingly difficult to find in sufficiently decent condition as to make therm worth paying for. Republic does offer some guidance here: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.

If repairing your current X1 is your preference, you might contact Motorola, however, I don’t know if they’re still repairing X1s. Another alternative is local repair. I’ve seen these folks recommended previously in the Community:

Frankly, my opinion is putting money into fixing your X1 or acquiring another used 4 or more year old phone isn’t worth it. I understand no one (me included) likes a plan price increase, however, I also believe you’ll find a newer phone to be worth it.


just curious, does
Republic Wireless Moto G3 (White) - XT 1548 - 16GB with RW

Refund Plan 2.0 account help me to keep my current plan? If not, the phone I purchase will have to go with the $15 talk and text and $5/GB? How does the data get charged?

Hi @bryan727,

Moto G3 XT1548 is a Legacy phone and can be used on the 2.0 Refund plan. If you have one just leave the current SIM in the G3, power on and start the activation process.


is there a way to check to see if I can use a phone and keep my plan by MEID 99000575169602?

No one in the community can check an MEID for you and the only thing Republic can check is if the phone is the Republic version. Is this an online listing? Can you share a link to it?â– â– â– â– html

Hi @bryan727,

This phone would activate on the Republic Refund plan.

Let us know if you decide to buy it. Since it’s an older phone, the battery might need a little boost during the day. We can send you a power pack (as our gift) to help with that.

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It depends on how much cell data you were using with the old refund plan. I found that if more than half a g was used then the new plan is actually more cost effective.

You’re quite correct, the break even point is 0.667 GB. Anything over that generally makes Republic’s My Choice plan more cost effective. I was, however, replying to this specifically:

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