Transfer previous number to new Republic phone



Can not seem to find the correct buttons on Phone MotoX4 to transfer my number from Affinity to Republic wireless.
Frustrating. Evidently no service personnel to ask.


As you are transferring from on carrier you will need to determine if you number can be transferred, purchase a SIM from Republic and then Activate on the Republic system
The guided Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless should provide you all the info necessary.
Any problems or further questions, just update this for additional community support


The “buttons” aren’t on the phone, they’re on the customer portal. Before planning to transfer (porting) your number to Republic Wireless you should check to see if it can be transferred by checking at:

Once you have verified it can be transferred, the actual transfer can be accomplished by following the steps in the following document AFTER you’ve activated your phone with a Republic phone number: How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless – Republic Help

Lots of ways to get help: How to Get Help from Republic Wireless – Republic Help


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