Transfer Republic # to new Republic account

My Number [redacted] is currently listed on my parents account. I want to transfer that number to my new account. I can’t figure out how to do that. The temp number associated with my new account is [redacted].

I have searched help topics and tutorials they all have to do with transfering your number from another provider. Please help me figure this out.

Thanks, Dalton

Moderator’s note: Private information removed.

@daltonb.bojzdz ,

First course of business, please do not enter personal or account information here, the public can view your info. You should delete the numbers by using edit above your question.

Since you have your own account, phone and number you will need to have your parents(original account holder) open a support ticket requesting the # transfer to your account. You/they can find a link at the bottom of the Help Center page. Thank You.

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