Transfer service and messages


How do I transfer messages from my old PureX to my new Motog5sPlus?


Two different ways:

  1. Use Anywhere app on new phone:

This will bring over the last 30 days worth of messages and should work even if old phone is non functional.

  1. If you’re like me and have messages for a whole lot longer, you might want to use this app to back up your texts to Drive so you can restore them to your new phone:

You would need to install it on both phones.


The anywhere is not loading. It just keeps “circling”. Been waiting for about 10 minutes now. Does it take awhile?


It might take a little while if you’ve never used it before. Try existing it and start it up again.


Do you mean power off?


No just close the app.


Well I powered down and just started up the app again. Same problem. :frowning:


Are you connected to WiFi?


Yes I am


Guess I’ll have to come back for more help tomorrow. Gotta fix dinner. Thanks!


This is Colleen BTW. Thanks.


Uninstall the app through Google Play Store and try again. Are you the only one using the app?


Yes I’m the only one


If you have time today, please open the app and try again. It’s possible it’s taking a long time if you have a lot of messages.


I had a Moto Pure X phone before and have now bought a Moto G 5S Plus. Is it possible to use the SIM card from the Pure X on the new Moto G 5S? An error message says it is a CDMA SIM and it tries to connect to Sprint. Do I need a new GSM SIM?


Also could this be why the anywhere app isn’t working?


U can not move CDMA SIMs among phones. They are locked to that exact phone.
Only GSM SIM’s can be moved amoung phones.
You will either need to Request a new CDMA SIM for the new phone, or buy a GSM BYOP SIM.

Anywhere will work on any device that has wifi. I use it on a deactivated phone and tablet with no SIM.


Which is the better option?


If I request a new CDMA sim is that free do you know?


Do I request it from Motorola or Republic?