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All BYOD need to be 1st activate on GSM before a CDMA SIM card will work,
The CDMA SIM card from a Moto X Pure [cSIM] can not be used on a Moto G5S Plus [needs an ISIM]
Note changing phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM feature.
Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless [currently $5 +shipping (minimum$4)]
Once activated on GSM one can request a CDMA SIM card from Republic support
How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

One needs to buy the BYOD SIM card after that if CDMA is need support will send it out at no additional charge


Just to be clear, a deactivated 3.0 CDMA SIM card can be used on a different phone within 20 days of deactivation, if it is compatible with that phone and the phone was bought from Republic or has been activated on Republic’s service previously.


I dont follow this.
CDMA SIM’s have to be pre-programmed to the IMEI of the device it goes into, do they not?
They can not be used in any other device.
This is the way it has always been in my experience with Sprint and Verizon SIMs, told so by both those companies respectfully when i was a customer of theirs over the years.
Unless, you are saying that R.W has a way to reprogram them remotely??


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

Technology changes over time. Edited to add: Especially when our engineers have put in a tremendous amount of time and effort with various partners to try to make such processes more and more seamless.


I can confirm from personal experience what @southpaw describes. I’ve moved a deactivated CDMA SIM from a Moto X Pure to a first generation Pixel. I’ve also moved a deactivated CDMA SIM that originated in a Moto E4+ to a Pixel 2 XL.


Really? Hmmmm… just had to order a new sim card. CDMA. :frowning:


Unfortunately, the flavor of CDMA SIM used by a Moto X Pure and the Moto G5S+ are different (CSIM vs. ISIM). In your case, a new CDMA SIM is indeed required. GSM is still easier when it comes to moving SIMs but if one needs CDMA coverage your course of action is correct.


Hi @davids.cnqhbt,

My statement was very specific - the CDMA SIM card must be compatible with the second phone, yours is not.

If you ordered a SIM card from our online store, you will receive a GSM SIM card. A phone purchased from a source other than RW must first be activated with the GSM SIM card. If you feel your coverage needs require a CDMA SIM card, please let me know so I can send one that is compatible with your G5S+ for you to swap out for the GSM SIM card.


@southpaw I ordered the correct one as advised by the person I chatted with. Thanks.


Hi @davids.cnqhbt,

Let me try to explain this more clearly, because there’s a lot going on here in this conversation.

There is only one type of SIM card you can order from our online store. That SIM card will activate your G5S+, but the coverage may not be the same as it was on your X Pure.

So it’s not a matter of whether or not you ordered the right kind. It’s a matter of whether the only SIM card offered in our online store will provide you sufficient coverage. If you find that it doesn’t, let us know, because our support team can provide a SIM card that would offer the same coverage you enjoyed on your X Pure.


“John” the person I chatted with checked my address for coverage and it was sufficient, if that’s what you mean by “coverage”. I assumed that he was giving me correct advice as to which one to order. Am I wrong in assuming that because he was available in chat?


Hi @davids.cnqhbt,

John (no quotes required) has given you his honest assessment based on the tools available to him, but coverage maps and carrier data are only a best estimate. Environmental factors such as topography can make a difference. I’m not trying to challenge John’s advice to you, only assuring you that if you notice a difference it’s not difficult to move you to a different SIM card.


If there are problems I’ll return to this. Thanks.


I still haven not been able to transfer messages from my old phone.


You will need a third party app to move messages over like SMSBackupRestore


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