Transfer service from one phone to another

I have a moto g play (2015) that just died. I also have a moto g6 (2018) that was retired but healthy. Can I transfer my services from the play to the g6? The g6 belonged to my wife so it was a different account. If so, how do I do it?

Take a look at this detailed info

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The phone had been registered to my wife. She retired it for a new phone. The sim was locked. I put my sim in that phone but I’m having difficulty. I was told to open a ticket. Amiti’s info is of no use.

Hi @steves.i0az25,

If you moved a SIM card from your phone to hers and it didn’t work, that would suggest that the SIM card was one of the types, as explained in the link that @amitl shared, that can’t be moved from phone to phone.

If your wife’s phone still has her Google account set up on it, you may also want to factory reset the phone to remove all her content.

My phone died so I can’t check to see if the sim is a GSM or CDMA. Size wise, it fit. It booted and I actually received some voice mails. The phone said to open a ticket to deal with the issue, which I have. Not sure how to proceed.

The screen I get says “Awesome! your phone is supported by Republic,!” and Insert your sim which I had already done… after updating and restarting. At one point I was told the sim was in the wrong slot. Only fits one area.

That’s a good point, and you did mention that initially. I’ve added a link to to the content so others in your situation can determine what kind of SIM card they have.

I believe you’re going to need a new SIM card. Our Help Team will be able to assist with that, through the ticket you’ve already opened.

Thank You. I will work on it but I’m done for the day. It’s been a long one. Again, I appreciate everyone’s help.


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