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I went with AT& T and my phone with Republic needs to be cancelled. How long does it take to complete the process once my new provider has made the number transfer? I don’t want to be charged

Once AT&T completes the transfer it can take a day or two to cancel the service. This happens automatically there is nothing you need to do.

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I just wanted to add to Sean’s comment that the reason it takes another day or so after your number transfers is that the number transfer isn’t instant. AT&T can provision your phone with your number and it starts working for other AT&T users, but it takes a while for all the routing to be updated across all the phone providers’ networks. Your RW number will cancel once the entire process is complete.

What date has AT&T given you for the transfer to be completed? (Ask them for the FOC date.) It looks like you have plenty of time before your next RW charges will occur.


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