Transfer SIM from Republic Phone to Republic Phone

Simple Question, can I transfer a SIM Card from an Activated Republic purchased Moto E4 to a Deactivated Republic Moto G7 Power?

I’m asking because the SIM in the G7 Power has been deactivated since end of May and says Invalid SIM now.
I just bought it from a friend that left Republic for no good reason



Hi @benjaminf.haklmn,

In short, if the SIM is GSM, yes. Details here: Moving a Current Republic SIM from Old to New Phone.

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They both have been on the GSM network.
Thanks for that @rolandh I saw that link, but didn’t know if it applied in my situation or not.
Since it didn’t specify 3.0 phones I felt unsure.


I used “Republic Compatible Unlocked Phone” rather than 3.0 phone as unlike you and me folks who don’t frequent the Community regularly are less likely to know what a 3.0 phone is.

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No Prob! I appreciate the quick response! That’s what I’ve always loved about the Republic Community


I made an edit.

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