Transfer text messages from old phone to new Moto X4

Hi RW community!
It is possible I am the least tech savvy person to own this phone, so I thank you in advance for your patience and kind response to what may be a question with a super obvious answer!

In my haste to get going with the new phone, I transferred my phone number from my former RW Samsung J3 phone to the Moto X4 phone (NOTE: The Moto X4 phone is new to me, I purchased it in new condition from ebay seller and it is a RW phone).

Thus far the phone works and looks like pictures transferred along with apps from previous phone.
But when I check the text icon on new phone, it is empty. I did see posts saying to try the SMS backup and restore app–now here comes the possibly stupid question part, since my old phone is now deactivated, am I too late to move the messages? :0( thanks in advance for your suggestions!

It’s not to late to backup from the old phone, an deactivate phone will still work as a tablet and the message log is still there [as long as you haven’t factory reset it.]
Just power on and connect to WiFi open Google Play Store and download the SMS backup app

Ok great! phew :0) I will try that now

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Hello again and an update–I did get the SMS backup and restore downloaded to old phone and it is now transferring the files to Google Drive. Never realized how many text messages I have!
I also downloaded SMS Backup and restore app onto the new phone, and then clicked “more options–>restore” and it gave me options to back up the messages and phone calls. So far I have backed up phone calls (the log of calls made received etc.–I realize this information is only helping maybe others like me who probably comprise .000001% of RW users but that’s ok! me and the two other people are in this together :0). Am still working on the text messages backing up as that is taking some time.

Next update: I managed to get the messages backed up, and got them transferred to the new phone, however–I still can’t get them to appear in the new phone when I tap the text message icon (a new message I got did just come through though). So now I am trying to download the folder pn google drive that contains the text messages, not sure where they go when you download them (sigh the life of a non tech-y. everything takes forever and is hard for me to do).

Next update: so now I downloaded the file, when I click to open it I get 3 options, so have chosen to open the file with the SMS backup and restore. probably that won’t do anything… am thinking maybe have to somehow save them to a SIM card maybe?

ok giving up now, it just opens up some long list of messages, but not in the text message icon place where I would normally go to view them, click and reply to people etc.

Any ideas are most appreciated!


We upgraded both of our Moto G1’s to Moto G6’s. Transferred the call logs and text messages using the “Transfer” function over WiFi Direct (that’s what the developer calls it) that’s also included in SMS Backup & Restore app.

Simply logged both phones onto our home network, downloaded and installed SMS Backup & Restore app on both phones, hit Transfer on both phones…followed the directions on screen and the transfer was done in no time. No messing with backup then restore…transfer made it pretty much automatic. Both G1 phones were operational and we had access to a fast home network. YMMV

Here’s a link to some info on the developers site that might help –

…see step 2.

@drm186 might be able to walk you through the process from where you are now. If not, maybe trying the direct WiFi transfer will help. Hope this helps!

PS - also want to make sure you are using SMS Backup & Restore by
SyncTech Pty Ltd and not SMS Backup+ by Jan Berkel.

Hi freddyp, I just tried the transfer between phones (I have the SMS backup and restore, the one you mentioned, downloaded to both phones), alas, each time I try it gets to about 30% and then I get “transfer failed”–right now I am trying to just do the “restore” again with the new phone and making sure I select the SMS backup and restore as the default app to use as instructed. Am hoping that will work, stay tuned for further updates and thanks again!

Ok last post YAAAY I got it to work! it was because of the default app switch, even when I tried to switch it manually, this time it seemed to work as I got a popup from RW saying it was the wrong messaging app so when I clicked that I got another message saying that it could take time for all the messages to appear and that if they didn’t show up to try restarting the phone and then keeping messaging app open for a while. then it worked! phew… thanks again to drm186 and freddyp for your help, I can keep the remaining hairs on my head for now! :0)

@titobambino - glad you can now keep the remaining hairs on your head :grinning: And thinks for sharing what worked for you to resolve the issue. Always good to provide more information for others who might read this thread in the future!

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