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Google Voice allows me to ‘use’ my existing cell number. Is it possible to transfer my cell number to Google Voice and still remain on my republic wireless plan? Google voice has a MUCH more robust call/sms spam/scam filter and I am getting really tired of trying to figure out what calls are real and which are not.


Hi @dwfisher,

First getting your Republic number to Google Voice is possible but not straightforward. This is what Google means by use your existing number. More on that here:

Next, as to whether you’re able to keep your current plan with a new Republic number (required if you intend to continue Republic service), we’ll need to know more about that plan. Please open the Republic app on your phone and quote, for us, the words underneath your phone number. If upon opening the Republic app, you don’t see your phone number, please swipe left until you see the “Your Phone Info” screen.

Finally, if you’re receiving a lot of spam calls, I suggest that you reach out to Republic support and open a ticket to see what they might be able to do to help.

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Under my number I see ‘My Choice +3 GB’

So the way I understand this is:

  1. Port my existing Cell Number to Google Voice

  2. Get a new number from Republic Wireless and forward the Google Voice number to the new Republic Wireless number?

Hi @dwfisher

Yes, that would be the order of things. To make outbound calls with your GV number rather than your new Republic number, you would need to use either the GV app or Hangouts.

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