Transfering a Moto G (3rd Gen) To another Person



So I read online that it is possible to sell republic phones to someone else on the internet as long as you follow the necessary steps listed when selling republic phones. Regardless the question I have is what if my area does not support BYOP and I have a republic G3 that I bought from the company with all its internal republic features and such. Would it still be possible for me to give it to another person in my area and have them use it on a different plan or something of the sort?


Your Moto G 3rd can be activated by another 3rd party as a new line or on a new account on the 2.0 plans with the CDMA [Sprint] partner or it can be use as an replacement for their current line ,
As the legacy phones are linked to Republic via the custom ROM it’s not considered BYOD, but is just activating a used device.


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