Transfering data to a new phone


When we buy a new Republic phone to replace another Republic phone, do the stored phone numbers, address, etc. automatically transfer or do we have to do it? My wife has about a zillion phone numbers in her Moto defy xt and I just got her a new phone, Moto g4#. She does not want to have to manually enter all those numbers in her new phone. Is that information stored locally on the phone or on the Republic servers? How about photos she has on the phone?


Hi @hlillywh

First off, she is going to love the upgrade I’ll bet.

There are many different ways to Backup/Transfer data. Admittedly, it has been a long time since I have used the DefyXT, but if she is signed in with a Gmail account and has chosen to let google backup contacts, photo’s and such (Settings/Accounts/Google), they will be restored on the new phone when she signs back into that account on the G4.

Preserving her text messages require a different method though, I use SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play and upload the backup file to the “cloud” (GoogleDrive) …for that matter I backup all of it to the cloud for a “just-in-case” scenario.

This community is full of helpful members that will be happy to help if you so desire, so just ask if you have any specific questions about migrating data to the new phone, and we will walk you through it.


Unfortunately for privacy reasons she does not want to allow them to do that.


Certainly understandable these days @hlillywh .

Unfortunately, you will have to share it with some app or another, get quite technical, or resort to going ‘ol school’ …(manual).

Lots of tech savvy people here though, maybe there is an alternative.

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The sharing can be done to backup the phone and restore to the new phone then turn sync back off! if the Defy is still in use yet.

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