Transfering my relative's phone number to my Republic account

My relative has an old flip phone with a different carrier.
I want to purchase a new smartphone for her through Republic and give her a new phone number (or transfer her old one?), also add her to my account and pay for her monthly Republic bill (probably 1G data $20).
How do I do this?

Good Morning @ianr.tabjxj,

  1. Purchase the phone of interest at Republic’s online store.
  2. Upon receipt activate the phone as described by Republic here: How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help. The phone will activate with a new number. You’ll select a plan when activating the phone.
  3. Presuming your relative’s number will transfer to Republic, please follow Republic’s guidance linked here: How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless – Republic Help. When the transfer is complete, the new number issued during activation would be replaced with the number being transferred.

Before ordering, I suggest verifying your relative’s number would transfer to Republic, which may be done here: Make the Switch to Republic Wireless Today – Republic Wireless.

Hi Roland,

I appreciate the info! Yeah, I’ll just order the phones and get brand new numbers instead of transferring hers. Easier haha!



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