Transfering old Republic phone to Moto Z Play

I have submitted a support ticket (1027701) but 31 hours out I’ve not received anything but the automated response telling me what my ticket # is. I thought maybe others were having the same issue - here’s what’s going on:

I got a Moto Z Play for my wife to replace her Moto E. When we turn on the Z we get to the screen to transfer stuff from her old phone - and we always get to the same spot before it hangs up on us - we get the code indicating the two phones have connected to show on both phones, then when we click “Next” we get a message “Sorry, something went wrong.” The directions on the website said not to skip this part or we would not be able to transfer data & apps later, so we do not want to skip this part.

Tried again today - and the directions on the website have changed. It tells us step 2 is to install the republic app on the Z Play, but I would have to skip the transfer step to get there - if I am not gong to be able to transfer data & Apps from the old phone afterward, I am not going to skip that part.

What is the workaround here? Is there a setting I need to tweak on the old phone? Or can I skip ahead to install the republic app and then transfer data from the old phone? Thanks to anyone for any insight.

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Just skip that step. During the replacement process her number will transfer to the new phone and the old phone will be deactivated. Data can be transferred after the new phone is activated and the old phone deactivated. When you log into her Gmail account google will restore her contacts, calendar, photographs (if she has set up the Photos app on her present phone) and a few misc. things. It is easy to go to the Play Store to fetch apps from the My Apps list.


All your apps are in the Playstore waiting for you to install them after you activate the phone. If you are trying to use migrate there is a problem there.

Activate My Phone explains what to do! follow the phone prompts and when it asks new line you want to replace a phone, (Replacement). Use the Gmail account thats on the old phone to activate the new Z phone. All contacts should sync from the Gmail account. I have done it many times.

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Hi @funkland ,

I apologize that you have not received any response in your support ticket. Your question is not one our support team would typically prioritize as it’s not something service-related and your issue does not render your phone un-usable, even though you feel that you should not proceed with activation until you can accomplish this step.

I am confident that the documentation did not change, as our documentation team is not working today, and the activation document indicates it was last updated two months ago.

Can you give us more details about what exactly you’re trying to use to move content from one phone to the other? I don’t have a Moto Z handy to try to replicate what you’re seeing, but since the Moto E doesn’t have NFC (which includes Android Beam) and the Moto Z doesn’t support Motorola Migrate, I’m not sure how you’re connecting the two phones.

I just activated a phone for Mr. Southpaw and I was a little surprised at how well step 6 in Activate My Phone worked. Make sure the Moto E has Settings > Backup and reset > Back up my data, Backup account, and Automatic restore enabled, and then the “back up from a prior device” ought to do a pretty good job. I usually transfer text messages and call history by backing them up from my old phone and “restoring” them to my new phone with Easy Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play.

Please let us know some more details about what you are seeing (or screenshots) and the Community will try to help.

Thanks to Billg and Bocephous I just skipped that part and was able to move most everything from the new phone later in the process.

That help document may not have been updated - I’ll assume the link was updated to point to a different document. All is well now…but perhaps including device specific upgrade instructions would help. Apparently the tranfer feature I was trying to use was not compatible with the Moto E - had I known that, much time & aggravation could have been saved.

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