Transfering Phone # to new phone and plan and reactivating old phone still on 2.0 plan with new phone #?


Is there a way to transfer a current Republic Wireless phone # to a new phone on the 3.0 plan and reactivate the old phone still on a 2.0 plan with a new phone number as an additional line on our account?



Hi @johnt.knl4f4

Yes, you can do this. Once the number transfers to the new phone, the old phone will be deactivated.

If the old phone will have a different user, you should factory reset the phone to remove the previous user’s personal information. Here is a link to the instructions for that:

Once this completes, the phone will go through activation. Activation takes place over WiFi.

Connect the phone to WiFi and add the new user’s Google account.

The phone will then go through Republic activation. Use your login / password. Select “Add a new line”.

This will activate the old phone with a new number and you paying for monthly service.



Hi @johnt.knl4f4,

Please note: If the old phone is a DEFY XT, it cannot be re-activated.

I just want to break the process down into steps for you.

When you activate the new phone, sign into the current Republic Wireless account and make sure you select the existing phone number rather than activating as a new line of service.
See: How to Change Phones and Keep Your Number – Republic Help

Once the new phone is activated and has acquired the existing phone number, the old phone will be de-activated and can then be re-activated. The Republic Wireless app will guide you through the process. Factory resetting, as @johnny5 mentioned, is suggested if you are giving the phone to someone else, because it removes all your personal content.
Activation instructions for our older phones are here:

If the old phone is Moto E (1st or 2nd Gen), Moto G (1st or 3rd Gen) or Moto X (1st or 2nd Gen) the only option when you activate it will be the 2.0 plan.

You’ll sign into that same account, and select the option to activate as a new line of service.



So my phone was could not come on because of a bad charging port. I finally got it repaired and turned my phone. Now I have a differnet number because I had to reactivate my phone. Where is my phone number? I need my original back on my phone.



Hi @donaldd.geyrj8,

Did you deactivate your phone prior to having it repaired? If not, did you activate another Republic phone to stand in for it while being repaired?



No and no. I would have no reason to do that.



May we know which phone is involved? If it wasn’t deactivated prior to repair, generally, there should be no need to reactivate. If you look at your Republic account here; Phones | Republic Wireless, how many phones do you see? If only one, do you see the old or new phone number?



I need my number back. I have many accounts, multifactor log ins and other
personal security confirmation methods attached to that number.



Hi @donaldd.geyrj8,

You’ve posted your question to Republic’s Community forum. Most of us here (myself included) are fellow Republic members not employees. We appropriately know very little about you other than what you’re comfortable sharing with us. With more information, we may very well be able to assist with sorting this out.

Alternatively, if you prefer to work with Republic staff toward resolution, please raise a help ticket. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Help Ticket | Republic Wireless.

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Hi @donaldd.geyrj8,

I’ve found your message with our Experts as well as your support ticket. I’ll reply on your support ticket to help you with this situation. Please do not open any additional conversations, as having multiple staff members working on the same thing can cause more confusion.


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