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What phone do you have? Sansung Galaxy J3 / Motorola moto e

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Will the sim card from the J3 work in the moto e? Do I need to order a new one?
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The answer to this question is normally ‘it depends’ … one of our community Ambassadors @rolandh has authored an excellent tutorial to provide you some help

Hi @johnw.m393am,

This is one of the rarer circumstances where it’s not an “it depends”. The SIM card from your Samsung Galaxy J3 would move to any other Republic 3.0 compatible phone. The current 2020 Moto E is a Republic 3.0 compatible phone.

As the OP didn’t specify which Moto E he was trying to move the SIM to, ‘it still depends’ … but you cover that in the referenced Tips & Tricks

A fair point, however, it strikes me as less likely someone would be moving from a Galaxy J3 to an older legacy Moto E1 or E2.

@johnw.m393am, if you are moving back to an older Moto E1 or E2, please let us know as there would be other considerations beyond whether the SIM would move.

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