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See here for information on the number transfer process

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I transferred my number from Verizon business landline. Verizon is still charging me. My Republic phone works; it’s been working for a week. Verizon refuses to take any action on their end. Verizon says it is still in the process of “porting out.” They suggested I contact Republic. Is this true? Who’s at fault here? How long should this process take? Again, my Republic phone has been working with the transferred number for a week.


Hi @randallb.ccb68v,

For what it’s worth, you’ve replied to a year-old Community thread, which likely references a transfer from Verizon Wireless to Republic. Having said that, generally the winning service provider (in your case Republic) manages the porting (number transfer) process. Determining “fault” is a different question and one that need not necessarily be addressed to bring resolution to your issue.

The Community is largely a place where fellow members like me do our best to assist other members. We won’t be able to solve this one directly, however, we might still point you in the right direction.

It’s entirely possible you are experiencing something known as dual service. It’s a sign of an in progress but as yet incomplete port. It’s also possible your port is indeed complete and Verizon is not understanding that and canceling service as a result. Republic cannot force Verizon to cancel service on your account nor is it a requirement that a losing service provider do so as the result of a port (though that’s typically what happens). Because, I do not wish to see you risk loss of your number, please do not move to cancel service with Verizon just yet.

Have you verified the status of your port as documented by Republic here: How to Check the Status of Your Number Transfer – Republic Help? If that’s not helpful, have you raised a help ticket with Republic regarding the status of your port? If so, may we know how long ago that was?



The port is done, sometimes business accounts need to be manually canceled. We have done all of the things we can do. It is not that the winning carrier cancels the service the act of porting out cancels it. Sounds like Verizon has a hung process somewhere. They should be well versed in fixing that.