Transferred a 2 lines out of Republic. However existing phones with republic can not contact those numbers

So I transferred 2 phones out of republic… I still have 2 phones with republic. When I try to contact the 2 phones that have been transferred out of republic from the phones still with republic it does two things.

  1. has the old republic voice mail and phone does not ring
  2. all text messages are not going to new carrier.

It seems it is looking for the number in the republic network first before going outside so it is not hooking up with the right carrier. How can I resolve this?

This usually takes some time to work through. The voip phone line takes longer for all systems to lock into the new carrier. If it takes more than a day or two contact your new carrier because everything has been released by RW electronically as it’s all automated…

Hi @dennisw.djnnco,

How long has it been since the numbers were transferred?

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