Transferred Micro SD card in Moto G5plus does not show photos take on my Moto G3

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Issue Description

I have a new Moto g5plus. I transferred a 16 gig micro SD card to it from my Moto G3. It shows that it knows how much empty space is left on it which is correct. However, I cannot access my photos and videos from the old phone. It is currently set up as portable storage.

How can I or Can I access the pictures I transferred. I am fairly sure they’re all backed up on Google Photos.

Thanks ahead of time.

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Well, if the photos were in fact backed up to Google Photos, you can access them and/or download them via the Photos app on your phone or online with your computer after logging in to your Google account. If the memory card was setup as an extension of internal memory on your previous phone, that may be why you are unable to access the photos directly. Still, I would think that most any file manager app (there are several on the Play store) would allow you to browse the files on the SD card and look for the photos.

I am a bit embarrased. I found my pictures in the camera file. I was expecting to find them in pictures. There is only one picture there and I don’t know where it came from. I just successfully sent my images from the new phone to the SD card. I haven’t found my videos yet.

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I just also found my videos. I had to open the video file and then the camera file. Seems like this filing system is different.

Problem solved. I hope what I discovered helps someone else.


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I am still rehearsing my actions.

  1. I go to storage
  2. to San Disk SD card
  3. Hit the 'go back (return button) on the left bottom of my camera screen
  4. Takes me to downloads
  5. Then to Images at the top
  6. Then to Camera


  1. To videos
  2. Then to camera

These are the repeatable actions to get to my files.

I don’t understand the (go back to) in step 3. I just know that it works.

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