Transferred old number to wrong phone


Hope you can help, I order 2 phones 1 for my 12 year old girl and 1
for me. I made a mistake and transferred my number to her phone.
It is going to transfer 12/18 at 9:25 AM, is there any way I can stop
this and transfer to my phone. Or what can I do, I use my phone for
work so asap I can take care of this the better.

Thank You Glenn


One way to handle this is to let the transfer finish and then open a service ticket asking support to switch the numbers.


First ensure the RW app is installed on your new phone, remove her new phone’s SIM card and insert it in your new phone. The SIM card is what is supposed to be activated with your # and should be able to be swapped between phones.

If that doesn’t work, just a caution before getting Support involved. Do you have important voicemails saved on the phone you use for work? If you do and ask Support to xfer the numbers the saved VMs will be lost. If you don’t want to lose VMs or want your # on your phone immediately you could activate your new phone as a replacement for her new phone. You would then need to get another new SIM card before reactivating her new phone. No delay, no support but would have to wait a few days for the new SIM.


I got it, just going to share what I did maybe it can help someone.

To refresh: I got 2 phones 1 Moto for my daughter and Nexus for

me. (daughters first phone) first thing I did was transferred all

my info. Very easy and my daughter games and apps. I put in to

transfer my old number but sent it to her phone. I work for my

self and need my number. I am sitting here thinking the world

is over (coming from I phone) I am going to have to carry 3

phones. Very simple to fix, took the sim card from her phone and put

it in mine, all my info is on my phone just the number I need

is on hers. Since this is her first I am done she just has a different

number. On Republic it says her phone has my number, this is

not a problem for me.


Sure, swapping SIM modules is the easy way to do this with GSM phones, something that hadn’t dawned on me when I suggested contacting support to have the numbers switched between two phones in the same account.

By doing this you have revealed RW’s apparent inability to detect the make and model of a phone other than the one originally shipped.

Had you and your daughter been selected for CDMA service this wouldn’t have worked because in that case the number would have been associated with the phone itself instead of the SIM and it is possible those SIM modules are customized to just work with one serial number.

@southpaw@rw please read through this thread and let us know how this fairly common number switching issue should be handled going forward.


We’re always happy to swap numbers on active phones on the same account, and doing so will probably result in a better experience across the variety of phones we now support.