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I bought my father a phone for Christmas and I’m trying to set it up. But I’ve run into a problem. According to your site his number cannot be transferred. It’s on Verizon but I thought that all numbers could be transferred?.

Hi @dennisg.t3mdzs

Did you check the number in RW’s Number Check Tool? (scroll down).

That is all the farther I’ve gotten. He sent me home with it to set it up and I don’t want to actually transfer the number util we get together again so his current phone doesn’t stop working. FYI the number is 320-796-2715

Hi @dennisg.t3mdzs,

All phone numbers must be released for transfer by one’s current carrier, however, that doesn’t guarantee Republic (or any service provider) will be able to accept a given number. Please allow me to provide some context. Republic, like all service providers, relies on a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) to host phone numbers. LEC is telephone industry jargon for phone company. Republic uses, as its LEC. Use of Bandwidth is part of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. Bandwidth needs to have “presence” in the rate center where the number you wish to transfer (port) is located. A rate center is a geographic area, usually but not always a city or town. The rate center your number is located in is determined by the area code and prefix (first six digits) of your phone number. No carrier has presence in every rate center. Bandwidth has presence in most but not all rate centers. Unfortunately, if Bandwidth does not have presence in your number’s rate center, you will not be able to bring it to Republic.

An analogy that might help make sense of this. I grew up in Massachusetts where Papa Gino’s is a popular place to get pizza. Now that I’m in Florida as much as I’d like to purchase a Papa Gino’s pizza, I’m unable to do so because they have no restaurants (presence) here.


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