Transferring ALL data from MotoG5S Plus to new Moto G Stylus

Hi, is there an app or a way for me to transfer ALL info {texts, contacts, apps etc…} from my Moto G5S Plus to the new Moto Stylus? I especially need all the texts, not just the last 6 months… Thank you!

Hi @cydneyh,

Unlike Samsung phones (which have SmartSwitch) and Google’s Pixels (which include a Pixel specific Google Data Transfer Tool), there is no one-stop app bundled with Motorola phones.

The above said, you will be presented with an option to transfer user content from old to new phone during the initial setup (pre-activation) of the new phone. Generally, the key is to use the same Google (Gmail) account on the new phone as is being used on the old phone and faithfully follow on screen prompts.

Should something get left behind, there’s also excellent Community guidance linked here:

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