Transferring CDMA SIM to new BYOP phone

I’m getting a new Moto X4 from B&H that comes with a GSM RW SIM. I believe the BYOP rules are you need to first activate with a GSM sim first. After that can I just swap it with the CDMA SIM I have been using in another phone? This is for RW 3.0

Hi @janp.flacm3,

Maybe maybe not. There are three separate mutually incompatible flavors of CDMA SIMs. Whether your current CDMA SIM would ultimately work in an X4 depends upon the brand, model and generation of the phone it currently resides in. May we know that?

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It is coming from a Moto X Pure, RW 3.0.

A CDMA SIM from a Moto X Pure will not work in a Moto X4. You’ll need to go ahead and activate the X4 on GSM, then follow Republic’s guidance here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.


Thank you!


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